Distinctive iPhone 6 NILLKIN Accessory Recommendations

iPhone 6&6s

Seems that the release of large screen iPhone 6 is a cornerstone of future smartphone development, the more it develops, the larger and thinner the display touch screen will be. Thanks to this feature as well as natural shortage, external accessories has never be emphasized than before.
NILLKIN Amazing H+ Nanometer Anti-Explosion Film For iPhone 6
Obviously, such an exquisite screen with ultra large dimension needs ample protection, for me, traditional screen protector with simplex high transparency is not recommended, I will prefer iPhone 6 NILLKIN Amazing H+ Nanometer film in contrast, which was processed through tempered workmanship. Exactly as the strengthened process, making this thin layer of protection up to 9H hardness, no wonder it can effectively suffered massive compact, pressure and even corrosive stuff, neither can knife, drill, scissors nor other objects with sharp edge can create tiny damages, not to mention scratch or friction.
NILLKIN Victoria Series Leather Case For iPhone 6 4.7Inch
Subsequent to fragile display touch screen, there is no suspense that extreme slim fuselage is “asking” for protect as well, hence, you’d better spare iPhone 6 NILLKIN Victoria Series Leather Case in timely manner. Can not be called as beautiful, such a practical function it offered is practical and useful, a soft and durable leather material that processed through special technique has ensured first class sense of touching and the most important durability all the time. Seldom will Bend-gate, Hair-gate happens any more accompany with this level of hardness and all-around protection.
NILLKIN Ultra Thin Transparent Nature TPU Case For iPhone 6 4.7Inch
Of course, under the precondition of comprehensive protection, it will be ideal to pick something up with lovely design, iPhone 6 NILLKIN Ultra-thin Nature TPU Case is the best demonstration. We all acknowledge TPU material durable, flexible and can remedy enough hardness additionally, scarcely do you be haunted with fear all the time. On the other hand, no other than a light color design with high transmittance can it undo all of you the most aesthetic and primitive aspect of iPhone 6 thoroughly. Sometimes the most traditional method helps the best.

All in all, no matter which intents and purpose are you fancy the most, adequate protection or better decorative effect? NILLKIN will always be an advisable choice disputably.

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