Tips To Paste Remax Screen Protector Successfully

iPhone 5 5S 5C

Sounds professional, seems that pasting Remax Screen Protector is a tricky assignment that out of lay person’s range. However, have you realize such a massive margin behind this ultra thin tempered glass every time when replacing? In the light of the cost is expensive, why not pasting it by yourself?

Step one: Clean smartphone screen thoroughly
Remax 0.18MM Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 5S 5C
Before installing Remax Glass Screen Protector, don’t rush yourself paste it urgently, instead, you should rub the screen by fiber cloth gently. Mind you, you’d better clean it from one side to another rather than rub it irregularly in case of small fiber leaving on the screen.

Step two: Ensure screen protector to align the screen precisely

Under most circumstance, all screen protectors are in the dimension between display screen and the whole front panel, hence, it is advisable for you finding an optimum position to paste so that it can cover the whole display screen section completely.
Remax 0.1MM Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 5S 5C
Step three: Pasting the screen protector in accurate and gentle way

After positioning the best place, now you can tear off the first “release flim”between the screen and the real screen protector you are going to paste, which is useless. Then paste the real screen protector on your device gently from the above down. Be careful, when there is air bubble during installation, you can choose either res-tick the screen until zero air bubble or squeeze the bubbles by a flat card.

Step four: Eliminate all the air bubbles

Despite of how Remax Fluorescence Protector is, the existence of even a tiny air bubble will influence legible displaying, smooth touching and vital screen protection. Hence, after sticking screen protector properly, you’d better eliminate all the air bubble by a hard card from one side to another.
Remax Fluorescence Screen Guard Soft Protector For iPhone 5 5S 5C
Step five: Peal the last “release film”

After previous step finished, most consumers may conceive the whole procedure is done, however, don’t forget to peal the last “release film” sticking on top surface, a real 9H tempered screen protector can exert all its comprehensive protection successfully.

All in all, despite of it is tough for you to replace screen protector for the first time, whereas, practice makes perfect, surely you are sophisticated time by time.

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