What Is 9H Screen Protector For iPhone Smartphone?

iPhone 4 4S, iPhone 5 5S 5C, iPhone 6&6s

Why tempered screen protector should be utilized on more smartphone? It is not so much a question as embodiment of bottomless demand for ample screen protection. Following soaring smartphone development, the larger screen section develops, the more potential risk it may suffer. Hence, the appearance of 9H tempered screen protector has satisfied this vacancy substantially.
Remax 0.1MM Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector For iPhone 6
By dipping a normal piece of glass into KNO3 can it strengthened its intensity, enhanced density and improved anti-scratch competence successfully, where 9H tempered smartphone screen protector comes from, iPhone 6 Remax Screen Protector is the representative among them all.
Remax Float Series Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 4 4S
Statistically, as one of high-tech and 9H tempered screen protector designed for iPhone 4S exclusively, iPhone 4S Remax Float Screen Protector comes with only 0.3mm thickness, which can covered the whole screen completely in case of scratch and other unconscious damages. Besides, it still can effectively absorb the energy in every single compact, approximately 5 times higher than standard PET screen protector.
Remax Float Series Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 5S
As a matter of fact, all the 9H tempered screen protector for iPhone smartphone are not simply just outstanding between all inspections, indeed, they actually works perfectly during daily operations. For instance, iPhone 5 Remax Screen Protector, which is processed through 9H tempered workmanship, scarcely can any object with sharp edge like keys, knives, pens scratch it effectively. Even the screen itself was smashed into pieces, such a tight and durable layer of protection can hold it together in case of hurting any one.

In addition, not simply just protection, all 9H tempered screen protector are tremendous on transmittance, more than 98% of electrical radiation will be stop from hurting consumer’s eyes effectively, even reading in depth is totally exhaust-less, no wonder it will be an effective method to remedy nearsightedness. On the other hand, it is also a vital protection to prevent bacteria invading into the device successfully, neither will it leave corrosive adhesive on the screen surface when removing, that’s the reason why lay persons can make good use of it easily.

Nevertheless, if you are still putting standard PET screen protector on your iPhone smartphone, you now have ample reason to replace it immediately, haven’t you?

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