Construct A Comprehensive Screen Protection For iPhone 6

iPhone 6&6s

In the view of most consumers, an unprecedent large screen section derive from iPhone 6 is the key to infinity perspective and vivid displaying. In the meanwhile, we all have to admit that the wider display touch screen is, the more potential risks it may suffer. Hence, to ensure all-around protection, you will need the helping hand derive from the below screen protectors.
Anti-Glare Frost Screen Protector Guard Film For iPhone 6 4.7Inch
Despite of how large or how small the screen section is, an iPhone 6 Anti-Glare Frost Screen Protector is always necessary. Thanks to precisely cut and exquisite workmanship, making the screen protector 100% suitable for original smartphone, just about superb compatibility has guaranteed fundamental resistance against scratch, greasy, fingerprint, dust and watering by a wide margin. Combined to high-quality transparency, a legible, clear and vivid displaying effect will never be interrupted from top to bottom.
0.33mm Gorilla Glass Tempered Screen Protector For iPhone 6 Plus
Obviously, for such a large display window over 4.5 inch like iPhone 6, simply just an ultra thin layer of transparent protection is far away to keep it safe and complete, as far as I’m concerned, iPhone 6 0.33mm Glass Tempered Screen Protector will be a vital component part consist of comprehensive protection. Made of tempered glass according to 9H level, it is totally question-less to suffer hardness up to 8-9 h, any object with sharp edge can hardly create any damages at all, no to mention tiny scratch. By putting such a solid protection on the device properly can you rest assured to take a fully advantage of it.
Privacy Anti-Spy LCD Screen Protector Guard Shield Film For iPhone 6
On the other hand, comprehensive protection isn’t no more than just solid resistance and tough protection, the protection towards personal information is crucial as well. Thanks to the deploy of larger screen, more information presented is more easier to to spied and glared by people surrounded. To maintain absolute privacy security, iPhone 6 Anti-Spy LCD Screen Protector is a foremost option. Exactly as the adoption of anti-spy layer of protection, all information especially banking card number and password will be displayed exclusively in case of information leakage. What a fabulous design it is.

All in all, though it is tiny, slim and inconspicuous, no body can deny the importance of screen protector as vital part of comprehensive protection. It is no exaggeration to say it the guarantee of longer lifespan to your iPhone 6.

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