Nontraditional Protective Cases

iPhone 4 4S

For all iPhone users, it is not strange for those ordinary protective cases because just like your dressing every day, the case fits on your device tightly all the time. However, have you ever fancy any other protective case with nontraditional design or function like fully able to dipping in water or charging your device simultaneously? Now more masterpieces will impressed you from top to bottom.

In the view of outward, there is nothing different between ordinary protective case and PC Waterproof Shockproof Dirtproof Snow proof case. Indeed, its “invisibility” its the most prominent trait. Thanks to a thinnest, lightest, toughest all-around protection, including all ports and buttons, enable superb water-proof ability, even take it along under 2 meters depth water for more than 30 minutes is questionless according to strict test. With the iPhone accompanying you when going to beach, swimming, fishing, surely you will enjoy more precious time. On the other hand, the specification is tailored-made so that providing adequate resistance against impact, bumpy, shock or any heavy accidental damages effectively. Nothing can hurt your device once putting such a fortitude protective case on.

Another Wholesale Apple Accessories is also a protective but thicker for storing huge battery capacity, which combine a battery power bank and protective case successfully. Though the case is much heavier than other traditional one, it fits the device tightly thanks to 1:1 tailored-made specification. Obviously, its design as charger is clever and simplex. Simply slide your iPhone into the device can you get electSKU082051.1ricity directly, you can also having any operation at the same time, saving your valuable time widely. How terrific it is.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing advanced with the above Wholesale Apple Accessories but obviously one tiny improvement can it benefit our usage by a wide margin.

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