Magical iPhone 4 Accessories

iPhone Accessories

Since numerous kinds of iPhone 4 accessories has been overflowed concurrently, you may get numb with tedious protective cases, battery power banks no matter how colorful or helpful they are. Innovation and revolution is needed under this bottleneck, coincidently, a new set of Wholesale iPhone 4 Accessories has freshen up the dullness and aridity.

Similar to most wallet case available in the market, the leather magnetic flip wallet case for iPhone 5 is truly practical in all aspects. Adopting artificial leather as its coating, enable adequate protection against scratch, friction, bumpy or another accidental damages effectively. Come with various bright color for selection, you can freely choose the one on behalf of your unique taste and personality thoroughly. More importantly, the reason why it is so called practical is the functional slots. You can store any important banking cards, VIP cards, paper currencies whenever and wherever possible. It not only save an extra wallet but also reduce the risky of losing any important informations. On the other hand, thanks to inner protective case, the device can be fasten tightly on the case, also offer enough convenience on operation without remove the case, how lovely it is.

On the contrary, I bet that this Wholesale iPhone 4 Accessories is the one you barely use frequently, which is a retractable stylus screen touch pen. Utilizing simple attach pen design, you can freely attach it to your device via headphone jack, such a beautiful pen can also decorate your device upscaled as well. The most important thing is the magical functionality. More convenient operations are availabColorful Fashion Leather Magnetic Flip Wallet Case For iPhone 5 5Gle by using the magical pen without touching the screen actually, especially when your hands are dirty. How considerable the design it is. In addition, more enjoyment will be presented by pen operation when playing exciting games. It is also a good news for people who has a big hands because more convenience is guaranteed all the time.

All in all, larger or smaller, there is always the right accessory compatible with your device perfectly. More or less, the above two iPhone 4 accessories with tremendous practicability can always providing you utmost convenience, beautify your living elegant and noble.

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