Traditional Case, Innovative Design


As we all know that all traditional protective cases are made of thin plastic that provide limitative protection and barely zero various functions except for providing resistance. However, we are in the time that technology altered from day to day, so, more protective cases with innovative design and decent decoration are available at the moment, some cases will even make you surprised by its exaggerated fuselage, smart design and innovative functionality.

PU Leather Protective Case for Cubot GT99 P5 is one of Wholesale Cases And Leather that covered with soft and durable PU leather. In the aspect of appearance, its looks a little bit traditional because of the leather-made specification. However, the display screen can be protected tightly by closing the flip while the fuselage will be protected by all-around leather coating. More importantly, it not only inherited the traditional leather case’s comfortability and durability but also made breakthrough on its outlook–a transparent viewable window, which is an innovative design among many others. Any required information like time zone, incoming calling ID can be saw directly without unlock the magnetic lock, how convenient it is for your operation in daily life.

On the contrary, TPU Soft Protective Case is designed for JIAYU G4 G4S smartphones with ultra thin and soft material. The colorful exterior attract my eyesight and attention firstly, by putting the case on can I know how fashionable the device is, makes the whole looView Window Protective PU Leather Case With Stand For CUBOT GT99 P5king so upscaled that can present at any vital occasions, demonstrate your personal taste and personal character towards life. More important, thanks to the TPU soft coating, which can absorb the energy from accidental damages in a way, securing your device as much as possible. It is also an useful protective case, not just flashy.

Generally speaking, despite of innovative design and fascinating outlook, Wholesale Cases And Leather cases concurrently can always add more convenience, entertainment or decoration for our device compared to old, traditional hard case, surely it is the optimum choice under all circumstances.

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