Tiny Portable Battery Power Bank

Power Bank

Nobody can deny the importance of a portable battery power bank in the era fill with ultra large screen device, it has became a dispensable part through our life, work and leisure time. Normally, the larger battery capacity is, the heavier the battery power bank is, however, modern time require lighter battery power bank with larger capacity, so following the released of below power banks, the problem solved.
5600mAh Backup Battery Charger Power Bank For iPhone Smartphone Device
As a portable battery power bank, 5600mAh Power Bank is the one covered with larger battery capacity and it weights only 150g, which is two times lighter than traditional battery power bank, came with special key ring design can tell how good it performs on weight. Besides, an ultra large battery capacity can enable your iPhone 5 fully charged for more than three times. On the other hand, thanks to the built-in IC chip which prevent short circuit, overcharge happens occasionally. By the way, it particularly equip with the perfume design, the wonderful aroma will accompany you wherever you go. Although the configuration is not the highest, 5600mAh Power Bank is the most appropriate battery power bank for outdoor activities, business trip.2200mAh Starry Sky Pattern Power Bank For iPhone Smartphone Device

In contrast, 2200mAh Power Bank is a smaller battery power bank with tiny size. Adopting cylindrical fuselage with colorful coating, starry sky pattern added a sense of naiveness and amusement, demonstrate the whole battery power bank lovely and attractive for most consumers. Regarding to its internal,2200mAh Power Bank built in lithium-ion element has ensured the safety during the whole usage, guarantee the safety in anytime. What’s more, any devices are fully compatible by connecting via USB cable. How can you not be moved by its performance.

To sum up, came with lighter weight and tiny size, combine to the proper battery capacity, making these portable power bank the best-selling stuff among the market, they are the one belongs to you.

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