Two Battery Power Banks With Small Widgets

Power Bank

Living in the time fill with large display screen or high energy consumed devices, the need for large capacity replacement battery is now increasingly rapidly. Apparently, there are plenty of ultra large capacity battery power bank available in the market concurrently. However, none of them are equipped with an innovative design or small gadgets that provide users more convenience, add more enjoyment for consumers everyday, except for Eachine.

Although its own battery capacity is slightly less than those pure battery power bank, however, Eachine Battery Power Bank can bring more convenience or fun during the dull charging. One of them is Eachine X-Power X3, came with 6000mAh capacity that can enable your iPhone 4 recharged two or three times, the configuration is not high but more than adequate when necessary. More importantly, sometimes you may forget about bringing the USB cable on, you can’t charge the device even taking the battery power bank along, in order to solve this embarrassment, it adopted with the portable cable USB port design, which is convenient for all consumers even ignoring the cable. It is not a high-tech design but very helpful indeed.

What’s more, apart from this smart design, one of Eachine Battery Power Bank equipped with another innovative EACHINE X-POWER X4 7800mAh External Battery Power Bank With LCD Screengadgets–Eachine 3000mAh Power Bank with LED flashlight. Personally speaking, the enjoyment and fun that bring by LED flashlight is tremendous. Thanks to the tiny dimension, which can be took along easily. Besides, it is helpful during the blackout or walking in dark, effectively prevent accidental damage happens. In addition, it can also be the tool as the light when repairing your computer, car and other heavy electronic appliances. It is definitely the best partner for you when necessary.

Although the portable cable USB port or LED flashlight is not a big deal compared to those high technology widgets, however, once the battery power bank is assemble to such a considerable and convenient section, disputably they will bring more convenience and enjoyment for your daily life.

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