Tiny Size, Huge Usage

iPhone 5 5S 5C

Cutting your SIM card into the correct size is the first step to ensure your iPhone working normally. Under common circumstance, cutting the SIM card requires an extra money, however, it is absolutely unnecessary because of the existence of Stainless Steel SIM Card Cutter  concurrently.

At first glance, Stainless Steel SIM Card Cutter is quite close to normal stapler, actually they adopted the same operational principle. Covered with a black matte surface with plastic made-of, providing enough gripping when pressing down even under moisture circumstance. Besides, using stainless steel as its framework and blade, provide sufficient sharpness and durability in the meanwhile, that means the cutter can be used widely. Moreover, the size is so tiny to carry out and stored easily, you can pass and share this convenience to your friends if necessary.

In addition, the Stainless Steel SIM Card Cutter possessed a complicated structure but a simple operation. Just simply insert the SIM card into the cutter you need and press down, the micro SIM that suits your iPhone came out easily. It is more accurate and cStainless Steel Dual SIM Card Cutter+Eject Pin For iPhone 5 5S 5C 4 4Sonvenient compare to cutting the card by scissors. Although its function is exclusive, it plays an important role for every iPhone users.

Moreover, it is quite annoying once you remove the SIM and put it on the normal smartphone that require normal size SIM card only. However, three different card adapters will be followed as attachment in order solve this embarrassment, what a functional this card cutter is!

All in all, unlike those accessories not essential, Stainless Steel SIM Card Cutter is a tiny but definitely crucial gadget for all iPhone users, creating a good beginning of utilization your iPhone.

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