Two Latest External Battery Charging Case For Your iPhone 5

iPhone 5 5S 5C

Are you still charging you iPhone with original cable charger? Or are you still charging the device with battery power bank that limits the freedom of usage? You are outdated, now accompanied with the developed of the latest external battery backup charging case, you can protect the cell phone in the meanwhile of charging wireless.

As one of the Wholesale Apple Accessories, 2200mAh External Battery Backup Charging Case for iPhone 5 is compatible with any iPhone 5. Adopting ultra-thin western design and perfect dimension, combine to various of main colors available for selection, makes the whole looking bright and concise. Besides, the foldable bar on the back can support your iPhone easily, which is more convenient when watching movies or TV. The case is compose of two parts but it is very easy to install and remove. More importantly, it is also designed as a wireless backup battery. Capacity of 2200mAh battery is fully able to provide longer standby time under emergency. You just need to install the case properly, you can do more operation and charging at the same time. It is such a innovative design that create substantial convenience for users.

The other Wholesale Apple Accessories I strongly recommend to is 4200mAh External Battery Backup Charger Case For iPhone 5s. Unlike the above accessory, this one is more likely to be a charger rather than a traditional protective case. Equipped with unique super thin fuselage, combined to the fashionable sliding design, demonstrate the exterior fashion and elegant. Came with the enhanced 4200mVG320A Portable 72 Inch Multimedia Player Digital Video GlassesAh battery capacity, which enable you to charge the iPhone 5 fully twice. Thanks to the Lithium-polymer-made kernel, it is light, easy to carry out and more important, it is superb safe whether charging the battery or charging the phone. On the other hand, it is easy to charge you device, you just need to slide the phone into the case, press the ON-OFF swith to ON, then you can charging your iPhone and enjoy your time with it simultaneously.
All in all, thanks to this innovative design that combine protective case to wireless charger successfully has offer plenty of convenience for users, definitely they will be the leader in the wireless era in the future.

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