Three Battery Power Bank For You

iPhone 5 5S 5C

In the era full of large touch screen and high battery consumption devices, it is a challenge for battery capacity. Under most circumstance, one single 2000mAh battery is inadequate for most consumers. Hence, it is quite crucial to choose a larger capacity Battery Power Bank that provide longer standby time. The following are three Power Bank that I strongly recommend to10400mAh Power Bank External Battery For iPhone Smartphone.

The first one is 10400mAh Power Bank. It is one of the most common battery power bank with 10400mAh lithium ion battery capacity. As for the outlook, it adopted special oblate fuselage with fruity broader design, covered with matte, colorful package, makes the whole looking attractive and concise. Underneath the appearance, the built-in intelligent voltage identification chip that avoid over output and protect itself effectively. With a weight less than 400g, it is convenient to take it along wherever 13800mAh Solar Charger Battery Power Bank For iPhone Smartphoneyou go.

13800mAh Solar Battery Power Bank is a multi-functional solar charger battery combine electricity and solar charging. With a battery capacity of 13800mAh, which is enough to fully charged your iPhone 5 six times. Equipped with two USB output ports that enable two devices charging simultaneously. What’s more, to fully utilized the solar charging function is easy, you just need to put it under the sunshine and it will start to charge automatically.

Last but not least, 30000mAh Solar Battery Power Bank is the “ultimate charger”. Like 13800mAh Battery Power Bank, it still uses Lithium ion battery as its internal materia30000mAh Solar Charger Battery Power Bank For iPhone Smartphonel, which is friendly to environment. Thanks to the power polymer kernel, it is extremely light, explosiveness, easy to take long, which provided top class protection when charging your devices. It is the optimum for people who fancy games, travels and long trips.

Overall, three Battery Power Bank above has its own features and outstanding points, has satisfied the demand for most consumers concurrently.

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