Three Special iPhone Cases For Better Decoration

iPhone 4 4S

As now various of iPhone cases are available concurrently vary from dull, normal, special and exaggerated. Different iPhone case expresses your personality and feeling, like the clothes you are wearing everyday. So how to make your iPhone more attractive and distinguish your wildest mind underneath your outlook? I recommend to you the below three iPhone cases.
Amazing Tree Pattern Back Wood Case Cover for iPhone4 4S
First and foremost, iPhone 4 Tree Pattern Wood Case is the case that you won’t see very often. As another type of iPhone case, it adopted wood as its main material, provide touchable holdings and more gripping. Combine to the amazing tree pattern on the back, demonstrate the whole case vivid and vibrant. Although the width is slightly thicker than those normal plastic protective case, more safety protection is guaranteed. Thanks to the inner soft layer and wooden material, more impact will be absorbed by the unique design structure that resist the accidental damage effectively.
White Background Flower Pattern Case Cover For iPhone 4 4S
iPhone 4 Flower Pattern Case is the case with beautiful flower pattern, unlike those normal case in the market, it possessed an accurate specific design with great workmanship. Covered with plastic shell with 50g only, which fits the contours of the iPhone 4 or 4S precisely, provide users a better holding experience. In addition, the flower pattern with black background, makes the whole look noble but low key. More importantly, came with durable plastic shell, the protection against dust, shock, scratches and other daily damage is well-performed.

The final one is the protective case with wireless charging function. iPhone 4 Wireless Charger Case plays both roles in protective case and charger. Apart from the slim design with perfect dimension that against scratch, strikes effectively, it has opened the history of wireless charging. Built-in a wireless charger receiver, the power for your iPhone can be acquired by insQI Wireless Charger External Receiver Case Cover For iPhone 4 4Stalling to the protective case without any tool. You will be impressived by it strong performance.

All in all, different types of iPhone cases attracted different groups of users. With such an unique design with better appearance above, you will find your cell phone the optimum case.

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