You can enjoy your phone with a little power bank

iPhone 5 5S 5C

When I go out to travel, you should stay at outdoor and your phone will easy to run out of electricity.You should carry a power bank to ensure you phone with enough electricity for contacting with the important people and entertainment.Contacting is a important thing in the travel.Convenient carrying of power bank is also an important point as a power bank that you can charge your phone anytime anywhere.

About the appearance,2200mAh Power bank looks beautiful with diamond setting aroud its body.So shinning it is!This starry sky pattern seems like many stars covered in the sky.It has enough electricity for replenishing your electricity of phone although it is small.With a lightweight body, this power bank is very easy to carry anywhere and you can charge your phone so fashion than you can decorate yourself with it to show your personality.

I think the following one power bank will attract the attention of female. With the design of lipstick grain,Lipstick Power bank is cute that it looks like a crystal clear lipstick with jelly color and transparent case. Although it is small,it has 2200mAh electricity that enough to supply power.It is not only suitable for female,but also suitable for men with black color to show your cool and taste.The pink one is very cute for sweet girl and the yellow and green are such bright that they are suitable for people who likes fluorescent color.

The last power bank has highest electronic capacity of these three styles. 6000mAh LCD USB Power Bank has enough electricity for you to ensure your phone full of power. You won’t be anxious when your phone easily run out of electricity and you want to call to somebody important.It has long life that can charge and discharge over 500 times. Simply use the matched USB cable to connect your devices with the power bank, and you can charge you devices.It is very safe to protect the circuit of your phone that when you charge a phone and it will automatically cut off the connection with the another phone. With metalic appearance and blue LED light,it can bring you noble temperament.
2200mAh Starry Sky Pattern Power Bank For iPhone Smartphone Device
If you want to go to a long tour,I think the last one with 6000mAh electricity will be suitable for you.And if you often go to a short tour, the former two is enough for you with good appearance which can make you full of good temperament.

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