Three kinds of good helper for your phone

iPhone 5 5S 5C

There are many tools for smart phone sold in the electronic market. Different smart phones need different accessories.You should accord to your smart phone to choose diffe3.5mm Headphone Cable Adapter For Lifeproof Case For iPhone 4 4Srent tools what you need.For example,iPhone becomes more and more popular but it also has some trouble to use.The data transfer of iPhone and computer should have a softward to connect these two devices,and your SIM card should be cut in the specific shape.So,I will recommend this two good helpers as well as a good-quality speaker.

iPhone 4s case earphone cable has the design of gold-plated connectors which is good at awesome clarity and corrosion resistance.This adapter is only suitable for the iPhone 4 and 4S to use.It is very durable that you shouldn’t worry about the medal of it will get rusty.It can perfectly replace for if you lost the original adapter that came with your lifeProof case.It is allowed full functionality of the headphones like volume controls, microphone and headphone muting.Silicon rubber o-ring and precision threads can give a watertight seal.
Stainless Steel Dual SIM Card Cutter+Eject Pin For iPhone 5 5S 5C 4 4S
For cutting your SIM card for adapt to your iPhone as well as other mobile phone, Stainless Steel SIM Card Cutter is made of stainless steel.Prevent from getting rusty,and it can be used for a long time.This cutter has two heads that both the Micro SIM and nano SIM are cut by this nano SIM cutter. It is very easy to use and ensures an accurate clean cut and no damage to your existing SIM.It is easy to operate to just simply insert the SIM card into the cutter and press down.With good quality,it is a good choice to make the SIM card suitable for your phone.

Then, the handsfree waterproof bluetooth speaker is also good for listening to music with the good tone quality.With many powerful functions,it has the good function of anti-scratch, shockproof so that it is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise.1500mAh large capacity of electricity can make you enjoy it for a long time at the outdoors.Using theHandsfree Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone Smartphone Device bluetooth, you can reduce the trouble of the tangled wires.It is suitable for you who like simple.

Wanna a cable? A cutter? Or a powerful speaker? Whichever won’t make you disappointed.

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