Intelligent bracelet give you different enjoyment

iPhone 5 5S 5C

The function of common bracelet is decorating and collecting, and have you seen the intelligent bracelet? It is very practical that you can use it for many applications. Especially the multi-function bracelet can be useful very much to give you a great users eWireless Bluetooth Multifunction Smart Bracelet For iPhonenjoyment. This one I most like is called Wireless Bluetooth Bracelet For iPhone.It has many functions that can make you surprised.For the women who want to have a slim body and the men who want to have muscle,the function of motion tracking is really suitable for you.It can help you to lose weight and get fitness by telling you every movement path,burn calories,calories and display movement of completion as a personal trainer.If you are an office people,it is suitable for because it can remind the time you have worked and remind you to pay attention to rest.With the sleep monitoring,you can get the information of your sleep such as the sleeping time of user,the degree of sleep and the overall quality to know more about your health.The bracelet will display on those information and you can adjust the time of work and rest or do something to have a bettBluetooth Phone Call Answer Bracelet For iPhone Smartphone Deviceer sleep according to the information.Anything else? It is also top-grade waterproof that can make you assured to go swimming within 10m.How cool it is! And you can set a moving targets and accord to the record to keep exercises.With the functions of top-grade waterproof and network share, you can enjoy this intelligent bracelet better and you won’t be worried about soaking. Although the following two haven’t many functions as the mentioned one, they are practical enough to satisfy the demand of somebody.The Phone Call Answer Bracelet can vibrate when you have a incoming call,so you won’t miss the important calls. And when the distance between the bracelet and the phone is farther than 10 meter, it will vibrate to alert.Your phone will be safer with this powerful function. With the similar funtions, the another one——Bluetooth Bracelet is also good at the bluetooth function.The difference of these two is the direction of displaying the number or the other information.It also can vibrate to alert if it is far away from your phone for protecting your phone better. Bluetooth Bracelet Answer Call For iPhone Smartphone Device Overall,I think the first one will attract more attention of people and will be more outlook.With the good performance,you can receive a wonderful life to use the intelligent bracelet.

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