Put on Syllable bluetooth earphone to enrich your life

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When you are bored, listening to music is a good idea.You need to put on your earphone to enjoy music without interference. When you are busy to work or drive,somebody important may call to you.You need a earphone to answer the call easily. With the function of bluetooth, you can use the earphone more conveniently. Syllable is a brand of bluetoth earphone and the products of it are built in a good reputation.
Syllable T39 Stereo In-Ear Bluetooth With Microphone Set Earphone
Syllable T39 Stereo Earphone is designed in double modes which is car diving mode and stereo music mode.The car diving mode is convenient for the drivers to answer the calls while driving a car.Driving should be careful and using it can let the driver to be safer.They needn’t put the phone out in the temporary time and won’t be distracted by the call. With the built-in stereo codec,the tone quality is excellent to listen. The bluetooth distance is wide enough to get a free action within 10 meters. You can put the phone in your pocket and you needn’t be limited by the wires of earphone. The controller of this earphone is small and you can hang it around the neck as a necklace with the chain wearing on the controller. How special the design is!

Syllable Universal Wireless Mobile D50 Bluetooth Earphone Handsfree

The other style is Syllable D50 Earphone which can bring a clear phone talking and stereo music.It has built-in lithium battery which has a good quality.This style earphone is such small that you just should put it on your ears with wireless. You won’t be fretful with arranging the mess wire. It has the same bluetooth distance with the mentioned one and it is more convenient with its wireless function.It looks cool when it put on the ears with its good appearance.

A bluetooth earphone is really a good parner with phone. Suitable for the people who like listening to music and often keep a call while you are doing something,it will be your good helper.

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