A pair of glasses can bring you a cinema


Many people like going to cinema or using computer to watch movies in the leiture time.Epecially the youngs have this hobby and spend a lot of money and time on it.A pair of digital video glasses can help you save much money and time.If you are a movies lover, you can take a look at these special glasses.
VG280 Portable 52 Inch Multimedia Player Digital Video Glasses
I want to recommend two styles of video glasses with a little difference. VG280 Portable Video Glasses has a 52 inch big virtual screen that you can enjoy the movies comfortably. Supporting MP4, laptop, phone and tablet video output, you can use it to watch anytime any where.The net weight is only 70g that it can be carried easily to go out.When you are on the way of travel or having a rest after working, you can use it to get fun and kill time.When you are talking about the business with clients,you can lend it to them for relaxing. Built-in 4G flash memory, you can see some large movies and you won’t worried about that it will get a congestion. The colors which can be chosen have black&yellow and deep blue&black.With cool enternal and outstanding colors, you can show your good taste.

Another model is VG320A Portable Video Glasses with a larger vision.It has a 72 inch big virtual screen, you can get a wider and realistic visual enjoyment.Although it is 5g heavier than the VG280,it is still easy to carry when you go travel or work. Perfect proportion of 16:9,the feeling of watching is such nice and 2m distance can protect your eyes better. It supports many devices to connect the glasses conveniently such as laptop and cellphone.
VG320A Portable 72 Inch Multimedia Player Digital Video Glasses
Put on the digital video glasses,and you can enjoy the fanastic films no matter where you are. With different sizes of the virtual screen,these two glasses all have great visual effect and reliable quality.

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