Different styles of Syllable “G” series


It might not be stranger with the earphone or headphone for the phone users. Using them,you can enjoy the sound of phone or computer without the interference from surrounding.Earphone is small and easy to carry to anywhere,but it may make your ear uncomfortable.And the headphone is in contrast with earphone. Syllable is a brand of earphones and headphones. The following three different styles of“G”series products has good performance and quality that they can satisfy most demands.
Syllable G03 Flat In-Ear Earphones Metal Super Bass For iPhone
Let me talk about the earphones first.Syllable G03 Flat Earphones adopt the advanced micro speaker design and dynamic isolationtechnology isolating the outside noise.Although it is small,it can reduce the interfence from surrounding better.With jumbo size and high efficiency driver can give you high fidelity sound and make you enjoy the music.The quality of it is really nice that it is environment friendly, soft,high elasticity, anti-wrap and cold resistance. You won’t be worried about that its wire is fragile.
Syllable G04 Foldable Wired HiFi Stereo On-ear DJ Headphones
The following two are all headphones.Syllable G04 DJ Headphones has many powful advantages which attract my attention.The overall weight is not heavy and not light,so it is more suitable for the white-collar workers who like to study in the office listening to music.G04’s high-frequency performance is very clean and clear and intensity of the low-frequency performance be just right.So it is suitable for somebody who doesn’t like to listen to too many users in terms of low-frequency sound.Made from protein leather and EPE,the earmuffs are very comfortable to wear for a long time without fatigue.

The other one is Syllable G05 Folding Headphones with lightweight body. With the carring bag and foldable design,it is easy to carry and storage to go out.It has remarkable noise reduction function that it can be used in the noisy surroungdings. With small and soft earmuffs,it is adjustable hinges for comfortabhle wearing.It has three colors: black,white and red. The red one I think it is very outstanding to show your personality.
Syllable G05 Wired Noise Reduction Folding Headphones For iPhone
Sum up the mentioned three, the earphone and headphone have their own different advantages and functions for using in the different situation. And the two headphones haven’t too much difference with similar and favorable prices.It is a good choice to choose one of Syllable products with nice quality.

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