Syllable earphone, your best choice


Earphone is the good helper of phone users. However,the wires are always folded in the bag or pocket.So it is very easy to hurt the earphone.In addition to the tone quality,the quality of wire is also important to determine whether the earphone is nice or not.Syllable is a popular brand of earphone with good reputation.
Syllable G02a Earphone Super Bass For iPhone Smartphone Device
First,let me introduce the Syllable G02 Bass Earphones.This model earphone can Effectively isolated from external noise,because it adopts ergonomic closed-ear design to fit tightly with the ear canal and effectively cut off from external noise. You can enjoy the more pure sound of the music.It has three pairs of silicone ear pads which can be used with different model of ears.The high-fidelity speakers can reproduce vivid,clear vocals and instruments sound. Multilayer film drive units can avoid vibration in order to achieve high resolution sound. Different kinds of music can all be show the best tone quality and bring you a better hearing experience.The forte of it is rich and dynamic bass. With the more powerful and more balanced high school low-frequency sounds of tri-band separation,the sense of hearing is comfortable and smooth.

Syllable G02a Earphone is designed on the basic of G02.It is designed with wired remote control so that it has many funtions which have a track switch,volume change and a key answer hang up and so on.You can listen the songs as well as have a call with the convenient operation.While listening to music,G02A is also emphasis on low-frequency with the shocking and powerful sound.When answer a call,the microphone of G02A can pickup sensitively,and the voice is such clear that let you enjoy the wonderful modern life.There is two choice for the users of Android and IOS.You can accord the system of your phone to select the suitable earphone.
Syllable G02 Earphones Metal Super Bass For iPhone Smartphone Device
These two earphones has the similar and fashion appearance with the red wires.The red color can make the earphone outstanding and full of energetic.With the wire shape of noodles, they are good at tangle-free. And you won’t be anxious with the mess wires of earphone.

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