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Nowadays, iPhone is popular in smart phone users. But the Apple products are a bit fragile at its quality and the price of its parts is not low.You must know it expensive to change the iPhone screen.I have seen the iPhone with a burst screen in my circle of friends. We should found a good way to protect it from the each damages.
Explosion Proof Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 5S
The first I will recommend is a protective film for the users of iPhone 5, 5S and 5C.This iphone 5 anti explosion screen protector is designed to fit those model of iPhone accurately that it is very easy to stick.In addition to anti-explosion,this style can effectively protect it against shock, dust and scratches.Choosing it is the most simplest and efficient way to protect your iPhone screen from the damages and extend the life of it.

And the other protect I want to suggest is protecive glass for the users of iPhone 5 and 5S.With high-intensity glass material and 8~9H surface hardness,iphone 5 tempered glass screen protector can effectively prevent the iPhone screen shatter from each damages.It is very easy to install as well as remove and reinstall without any air bubbles.Not only can it protect from striking and scratching,it is also anti-fingerprint,anti-grease and anti-dirt.With the fingerprint,the feeling of hand it is very comfortable and the screen is such clear that playing games and watching movies are good enjoyment.If you often use it for a long time, it is a good choice that your eyes are not easily fatigue with the better protect vision of this protector. Are you worried about the safety of glass if it become fragments? Don’t worry.It is safer than the other glass products that the tempered glass breaks into small pieces is not sharp if it broken.
Explosion Proof Real Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 5 5S
Overall,I think each one has its forte with good quality.The first one is suitable for the people whose demand is not strict.And the last one is good enough for you to protect your iPhone at all aspects.

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