Special bracelet give you colorful life

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Made from golden, jade or pearl,bracelet is nice jewelry to decorate yourself or collect for a store of value. Have you seen special bracelet with intelligent functions? Yes,it is multi-function that you can increase the interest of life for yourself.I have know some style of intelligent bracelet and I think it worth to pick out and buy.
Bluetooth Bracelet Answer Call For iPhone Smartphone Device
The first intelligent bractlet is Bluetooth Multifunction Smart Bracelet and I like its function very much.I also want to buy one as my right-hand private secretary because its function is so great.With the sleep monitoring, you can get the information of your sleep such as the sleeping time of user,the degree of sleep and the overall quality.The bracelet will display on those information and you can adjust the time of work and rest or do something to have a better sleep according to the information.It is suitable for the office people because it can remind the time you have worked and remind you to pay attention to rest.And you can use it as a responsible private coach, either.It can help you to lose weight and get fitness by telling you every movement path, burn calories, calories and display movement of completion. It is very suitable for the women who want to have a slim body and the men who want to have muscle.And you can set a moving targets and accord to the record to keep exercises.With the functions of top-grade waterproof and network share, you can enjoy this intelligent bracelet better and you won’t be worried about soaking.
Bluetooth Phone Call Answer Bracelet For iPhone Smartphone Device
The other one is Phone Call Answer Bracelet.It can vibrate when you have a incoming call,so you won’t miss the important calls.And when the distance between the bracelet and the phone is farther than 10 metersit,it will vibrate to alert.Your phone will be safer with this powerful function.
Wireless Bluetooth Multifunction Smart Bracelet For iPhone
With the similar functions with the second one,the outstanding advantage of Bluetooth Bracelet is its bluetooth function.The difference of these two is the direction of displaying the number or the other information.Sum up the aspect of these three,I will choose the first one although it is a little expensive.

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