Three chargers satisfy your demand of traveling

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Mobile phone is a necessary thing in our life, so that charger is the important thing for phone users.There is not the same socket in your car and the different country.So the charger with different plug is famous for the people who should go out usually.
Universal EU US UK AU USB Charger Adapter For iPhone Smartphone
You may need travel suit charger to adapt with the socket of the foreign country if you are traveling or going business in there.It is suitable for equipment with ungrounding plugs (2 pole).It is very flexible that you can change different plugs to adapt the socket.It is a worldwide Universal adapter that it can be used in more than 150 countries. You can be rest assured that no matter which country you go.For businessmen and the people who often travel, such useful charger with a favorable price is worth to buy.
Dual USB Port 2.1A Car Charger For iPhone 4 4S iPad 1 2 4
What should you do if the power of phone is run out when you are driving to go out? It is a good idea to get a car charger that you can charge your devices on your car. iphone 4 2.1A car charger is a good choice for bring you power.With the dual USB port,you can charge two phone at the same time. Not only is it compatible with iPhone,but also it can charge iPad and iPod. Satisfy your demand of contact,as well as satisfy your demand of entertainment.It is easy to carry and convenient to use.Your families can use your iPad in the passtime when you are going out together.

Travel Business Suit USB Charger is very powerful that it can charge 4 devices at the same time.You needn’t worry the plug not fit the country anymore included US,EU,AU.UK plugs.It compatible with iPad, iPhones and iPod and other USB device. AC plugs can be changed easily in seconds by pressing the button at bottom of the main unit for unlocking the plugs. You can control it easily very much. It is beautiful that the color of LED indicator is blue.
4 Plugs Travel Business Suit USB Charger For iPhone Smartpohone Device
Different styles of charger can satisfy your demand of business or travel no matter which country you stay in.With good quality, the charger is convenient to carry and has a longer life.

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