A good connector of iPhone

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For me, a charger cable to charge and connect computer or the other devices is very important although my charger cable is ordinary.There is also some new styles of this connector in this developed-technology society for your iPhone with good quality. Let me recommend two styles of it for you.
20cm USB Data Charger Mount Stand Holder Cable For iPhone 4 4S
If you have iPhone 4 or 4S, this iPhone 4s holder charger cable is suitable for you.The plug of 4 and 4S is distinctive with the others smart phones. So I think it is more important to get a flexible USB cable for it.You can use it to charge your phone, transport and sync data with your laptop or PC fastly and safely.And You can use video conference, play games, read E-book and navigation functions with its support function to make your phone stand on the desk or the other place.The design of flexible cable can bring you a more convenient connection to give or get information.

The other one is iPhone 5 key ring charger cable with a nice quality for the users of iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPod and the other Apple products.The most obvious feature of it is the design of modeling. With the really portable key chain design, it is very convenient to attach directly on your key ring. When the cable is not be used,it won’t slip and will be protect 8 pin connector with it self-locking system.It is very suitable for you if your electricity devices are mostly Apple,and you needn’t carry USB cable on different model.
Key Ring USB Charger Cable For iPhone 5 5C 5S iPad Mini Air
If you have Apple electricity products,I think these two styles of charger cable are worth to pick out and buy.They focus on the practicality as well as the design of the other functions.Especially the iPhone 5 key ring charger cable is useful for many products. You can enjoy the charging any where and transport data easily.

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