Searching a power bank when your phone run out of electricity

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2200mAh Starry Sky Pattern Power Bank For iPhone Smartphone Device
Most people are using iPhone, or the smart phones of the other brands. These phone are very easy to run out of electricity and you may be anxious about it.It is simple to solve this problem that just carry a small power bank with large electricity.And you will be rest assured when you go out.

The first one I recommend is 2200mAh Power bank. With Starry Sky Pattern, it looks very shining because of the diamond setting around the body. The pattern seems like many stars covered in the sky. How beautiful it is! It has enough electricity for replenishing your electricity of phone although it is small. With a lightweight body, the power bank is very easy to carry and so fashion than you can decorate yourself with it to highlight your personality.
2200mAh Lipstick Grain Pattern Power Bank For iPhone Smartphone Device
Lipstick Power bank has the equivalent electricity with the mentioned one. As its name,it looks like a crystal clear lipstick with jelly color and transparent case.It is suitable for female as well as men though it is designed with the lipstick grain.It has 6 colors: black, blue, green, pink, white and yellow. Men can choose black to show your calm and taste. And the pink is very beautiful for female to decorate yourself. The yellow and green are such bright that they are suitable for people who likes fluorescent color.
6000mAh LCD USB Power Bank Battery Charger For iPhone Smartphone
I like the third most called 6000mAh LCD USB Power Bank. With 6000mAh large electricity, you won’t be worried that it will be run out quickly.It has long life that can charge and discharge over 500 times.The mentioned two power bank only can charge iPhone or cell phone,but this one is compatible with many brands of smart phone. Simply use the matched USB cable to connect your devices with the power bank,and you can charge you devices.It is very safe to protect the circuit of your phone,because one end of the USB cable connect with the“OUT”port of the power bank and another end at the same time.

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