Enjoy your music life With Different Speakers

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Listening to music is a good method for relaxing yourself. Are you still use the built-in speaker? I think the sound of it is not very good when you listen to music or watch movies. Choosing a speaker with good sound and easy-to-carry can satisfy you and it won’t increase your burden of travel.
QC-88 Mini SD TF Card Speaker For iPhone Smartphone Device
The first speaker I talk about is tf sd card speaker. From its name, we can know that this speaker supports TF card.You can enjoy it without connecting USB with phone and computer, just by inserting TF card. Just carry a little SD card, and you can enjoy the sound anywhere. It has built-in lithium battery that it can reduce the space in its body.

Next is waterproof speaker. Compared with the SD card speaker, the funcion of this speaker is more powerful. It support bluetooth and Wireless transmission, so the trouble of connecting can be eliminated. With built-in microp

Mini Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For iPad Smartphone Device

hone, you can use it to record your songs and enjoy the hand-free call. As its name, the funcion of waterproof is its highlight. You can relaxing enjoy your wonderful music while l

The above two speakers are designed as a cylinder, so it looks very cute and fulls of three-dimensional. The waterproof speaker is a bit more expensive than the other one, but it has four colors to show your personality.eisure in bathroom, sand beach or swimming pool. And it has special suction cup that can sucked on any flat surface. With its lightweight and convenient design, you can suck it on the wall of bathroom to enjoy your relaxing bath as well as kitchen and any where.

Mini DVI Male to VGA Female Adapter For MacBook iMac MacBook Pro
You should have a adapter to connect the speaker with your phone or computer. DVI to VGA adapter is a good choice for connecting many different model electricity products with speakers as well as monitor, projector or HDTV.The applicable scope is very wide, and the price is favorable and worth to buy

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