Are you still use a headset ?You are Out!

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Are your ears uncomfortable because of headset? Are you want to liberate your ears? A good-quality speaker can solve these problems. Now let me introduce three speakers with different advantages.
Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone Smartphone Device
You may meet this situation that when you are using the computer or listening to music, you carelessly pour water to your desk or computer. If you has a Waterproof Shockproof Speaker, it can eliminate your worry. The price of it is favorable with 5% discount. Not only is it waterproof, but also it is dustproof, anti-scratch, shockproof, so it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor exercise. It’s so lightweight that you can easy to carry it when you go out for camping, party and so on. So cool it is!
Cube Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker For iPhone Smartphone Device
Cube Portable Stereo Speaker has commonly cuboid body, but its tone quality is really great. It’s suitable for the people who pay more attention to music. The sound is excellent as home theater when you see a film and is realistic while playing computer games. You can enjoy it by using many different devices because it supports all common international configure 3.5mm audio output and Bluetooth connectivity devices. And it is hands-free with buit-in microphone to chat by voice and video or record your songs.

Beatbox bluetooth speaker is even more lightweight than the first one. It’s very easy to carry and has good tone quality although it isn’t waterproof and shockproof. With this configuration, the price is the lowest of these three. It has five jelly colors: blue, green, pink, white and yellow. All these colors looks energetic and textured to behave your personality.
Mini BeatBox Bluetooth Stereo Speaker For iPhone Smartphone Device
It will be enjoyable when you listen to music, sing songs, watch movies and play games if you possess a speaker. In my opinion, the waterproof shockproof speaker is a best choice of this which has enough advantages to satisfy the demand of most people.

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