Series Of Syllable Headphones

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Stylish and comfortable, the Syllable headphones have very good padding and low headband tension, good for long time listening sessions. Syllable T39 Stereo Earphone is one of them.This is noise canceling Bluetooth headphones with builtin rechargeable lithium battery.It is for both wireless and wired use. With the help of either Bluetooth or cords with microphone,you can listen to music, answer the phone, hang up the phone, make calls and so on.

On the other hand, this headphone can interchange between Bluetooth and cords control functions automatically. But the Bluetooth mode won’t work under cords control mode. It just connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone,iPad, android or blackberry phone or any Bluetooth enabled music player, PC, laptop, tablet or gaming device and move to the sound.

Another headphone is Syllable D50 Earphone. The light and compact aesthetic of it earbuds are designed to fit perfectly in your ear, while looking stylish. With the headphone you can control your music and your phone with the touch of button. Conveniently change tracks, control volume levels, receive and end calls or activate voice commands from your headset. This is a smart Bluetooth earphone that supports super clear phone talking and stereo music.It has built -in lithium battery, stereo codec,audio bandwidth is 3Mbps,support 1Mbps data packet transmission.You will find it very easy to operate.

In a word, both of the Bluetooth headphones produce high quality stereo sound,making every beat crisp. The DSP technology helps to reduces noise and makes every phone call clear.In today’s world, know-how plays a vital component of our daily existence. People in nowadays work, communicate, study, educate,learn, bluetooth headphone relax, negotiate,celebrate, battle,and therefore are living with making use of this technology, not simply can it be implemented as the principal know-how in wireless headphones but its also implemented in several other gadgets.So,the Syllable T39 Stereo Earphone is really good.

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